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Our Mission

Kendall Square Orchestra (K2O) was founded in 2018 by scientists from the biopharma community with a mission to connect professionals from across the diverse academic and corporate community of Kendall Square through music. K2O also seeks to support industry and community events related to healthcare & education and promote community engagement, teamwork, and leadership. An important part of the orchestra’s activity includes creating events that bring together partners from the patient, medical, and industry communities to support progress towards treatment of difficult diseases.


“Being in the presence of such amazingly talented musicians, scientists, doctors, caregivers, etc., all coming together...uplifting to my soul.

— K2O Concert Audience Member

Our Story

Kendall Square Orchestra is the product of friendship and passion for music set to the backdrop of life in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Co-founders Kelly Clark and Elena Spencer hail from Michigan and met while working as bench scientists at Pfizer Ann Arbor in 2005. They were founding members of a biopharma chamber orchestra, with the mission to connect colleagues and support local charitable causes. This was their first evidence of the power of music to unite within the science and technology industry.

Over a decade later, after many changes in personal, professional (and geographic!) circumstances, Elena and Kelly found themselves living and working in the greater Boston area and reconnected again over music. Over a glass of wine one Friday evening in December 2017 they declared “We should start an Orchestra again!”

Now working in R&D operations at separate companies in Kendall Square, the obvious solution was that the Orchestra would exist to connect across all local science and technology companies.

Kelly and Elena’s vision came into focus when they met and hired conductor Kristo Kondakci in April 2018 and, with the generous support of founding sponsor Pfizer Kendall Square, assembled an administrative team to bring this vision to reality.