Music and Management: Exclusive Leadership Seminar

Music and Management: Exclusive Leadership Seminar


Are you and your group looking for a creative leadership experience that is outside the box of team building events and power point presentations? Look no further that Kendall Square Orchestra’s Music and Management: Exclusive Leadership Session.

Music transcends the performance hall to demonstrate transferable skills provide compelling lessons surrounding teamwork and leadership. Using a live orchestral ensemble, we demonstrate how leadership is a two-way street: requiring both the leader and their team to operate as a compelling ensemble able to soar beyond the rafters of any setting.

This Exclusive Leadership Seminar is designed with your larger and diverse audience in mind. It can be customized to your desired content, knowledge level, and and available time commitment. Additional details available upon request.

Interested in getting more back for your experience? We offer the Music and Management Session as part of some of our exclusive sponsorship packages. Please reach out for more details!

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